Company Introduction

Company Profile

Company Name Wakita & Co., LTD.
Head Office Location 1-3-20 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0002, Japan
TEL +81-6-6449-1901 FAX +81-6-6449-1931
Paid-in Capital 13,821,874,820 yen
Stock Issued 52,021,297 shares
Net Sales 54,006 million yen(as of Feb.2021)
Net Income 3,199 million yen(as of Feb.2021)
Number of Stockholders 3,510(as of Aug.2021)
Date of Establishment May 4, 1949
Representative Teiji Wakita, President
Stock Listings First Section, Tokyo Securities Exchange
Ticker Code 8125
Number of Employees 529(as of Aug.2021)
Main Business Contents
【Construction Equipment Business】
Sales and Rental of Civil Engineering and Construction Machinery
【Commercial Affairs Business】
Sales of Audio Equipment, Sales and Rental of Long-term Care Products and Equipment, etc.
【Real Estate Business】
Lease and Sales of Real Estate (Commercial Buildings, Condominiums, etc.)
Number of Establishments About 70 throughout the country