Business Details

Business Details

Wakita's people continually tackle newchallenges and seek new possibilities.
With a sharp sense for quickly recognizing new trends, our business development is always a step ahead of our cornpetitors.

Civil engineering and construction equipment

Our business covers a diverse range, including the manufacture, sales and leasing of civil engineering and construction equipment.

Commercial facilities

We provide detailed assistance such as store planning, interior and exterior construction, support of store facilities, and finance.

Industrial facilities

Wakita provides comprehensive assistance, from construction to finance, for a broad range of industrial facilities and equipment in manufacturing, transportation, communications, agricultural, medical and information communications industries.


We provide audiovisual equipment, such as karaoke machines and other entertainment equipment, to meet your present needs.

Overseas operations

Wakita operates a global network and overseas businesses in the areas of civil engineering and construction equipment, various used construction machines and our own brand.